Private Talking Spaces

enable people to conduct audio and video calls in open environments

Focus and Privacy

Private Talking Spaces are freestanding pieces of occupiable furniture. They provide aural privacy to people working in libraries and open environments.

The spaces are relocatable to support your dynamic community. Positioning two or more spaces together creates an area with gravity that draws in people and conversations.

Measured Benefits

Open working environments overexpose us. Too many sounds. Too many distractions. They force us to multi-task and keep us from being our best selves.

When we increase our privacy, our focus improves, and we are able to perform at significantly higher levels. We become more creative, our cognitive abilities sharpen, our stress levels decrease, our sick days drop, and we add 15% to the bottom line.

The benefits of working in a focused space are clear and long established. And, thanks to the lightweight nature of the spaces, you can pop them up in an afternoon - instantly adding an environment that encourages focus, happiness, and productivity.

We started in the Harvard Library Innovation Lab. We aspire to make libraries better. Open working spaces too!


Internal lighting, a large window, and a focus on human usability make for a safe and welcoming environment.


We are part of an open community and we contribute back to the freely licensed construction documents.


Sensors detect occupancy and the local environment to keep you in touch with your communinity.

The provided web app shows you how often the spaces are used. If your community would prefer the spaces in another spot, move them!

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